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Low Rate Car Insurance - Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident (Part Two)

This is post two of two in a series regarding ways you can avoid car accidents and keep your car insurance rates down.

Tip #4: No Tailgating - Many accidents occur as a result of drivers following too closely to the car in front of them. Not only can you end up in an accident by driving this way, you may also be ticketed for following too closely. The combination will increase your car insurance rates significantly, so it is best to maintain a proper distance between you and the car in front of you. A good rule of thumb is to keep at least three car lengths in between you and the next car, and a larger distance is better if you are going faster than 45 mph.

Tip #5: Use your Mirrors - When you first get into your car you should automatically check all of your mirrors to be sure that they are correctly adjusted so you can see. While you’re driving it’s wise to constantly check your mirrors so you know what traffic is around and behind you at all times. Many accidents are caused by people changing lanes and not seeing someone in their blind spot, so be sure to use your mirrors and your blind spot(s) as well.

Tip #6: Take Road Conditions into Consideration - When it’s sunny and the roads are dry, the driving conditions are much different than when it is raining or snowing. If it is raining or your driving at dusk, take precautions like turning on your lights a little earlier than normal. Make sure you now how to retain control of your car if you go into a skid and also make sure that you adjust your speed according to the conditions as well.

These are just a few tips that can help keep you from having an accident. Accidents can cause a jump in your car insurance rates, so take the time to drive carefully and cautiously to keep your rates low, and you and other drivers on the road safe.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

    This is post one of two in a series regarding ways you can avoid car accidents and keep your car insurance rates down.

    Being involved in an auto accident can instantly raise your car insurance rates, especially if you are at fault. If you want to make sure that you don’t see an insurance hike due to an accident, there are a variety of tips you can follow to help you avoid being in an auto accident. While there are times when you cannot prevent an accident, there are many helpful things you can do to lower your chances of being involved in an accident, which would open you up for paying higher rates for years.

    Tip #1: Don’t Drink and Drive - You hear this over and over again but people are still foolish enough to think they can get away with it. Statistics show that many more accidents occur when someone has been drinking, since the perception and ability to reason quickly is negatively affected. Before you decide to drive when you have been drinking, consider the harm you could do to others or yourself if you decide to drive under the influence.

    Tip #2: Maintain your Car - Another way that you can avoid having an accident is to make sure that your car is properly maintained. Keep enough air in the tires and make sure that your tires are road worthy. You should also make sure that other routine maintenance is done on a scheduled basis. Many accidents have occurred because of a car that had bad tires or some other problem that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

    Tip #3: Get Rid of Distractions - It is important that you eliminate as many distractions as possible while you’re driving. Reading the newspaper, putting on makeup, or talking on your cell phone while you are driving can increase your likelihood of losing focus and having an accident.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Car Insurance Requirements in the U.S.

    Each state in the United States has a different minimum requirement as to how much insurance a driver is required to carry. Below is a list of all states in alphabetical order and their minimum policy requirements. The first two numbers listed after the state refers to bodily injury liability limits and the third number, to the property damage liability. For instance, if the numbers were 15/30/10, it would mean that if you were in an accident, each person injured could receive up to $15,000 with a total amount allowed for all people injured of $30,000 (the second number). The third number, $10,000, refers to the total coverage per accident for “property” damage.

    • Alaska 50/100/25
    • Alabama 20/40/10
    • Arkansas 25/50/15
    • Arizona 15/30/10
    • California 15/30/5
    • Colorado 25/50/15
    • Connecticut 20/40/10
    • Delaware 15/30/5
    • Florida 10/20/10
    • Georgia 15/30/10
    • Hawaii 20/40/10
    • Idaho 20/50/15
    • Illinois 20/40/15
    • Indiana 25/50/10
    • Iowa 20/40/15
    • Kansas 25/50/10
    • Kentucky 25/50/10
    • Louisiana 10/20/10
    • Maine 50/100/25
    • Maryland 20/40/10
    • Massachusetts 20/40/5
    • Michigan 20/40/10
    • Minnesota 30/60/10
    • Mississippi 10/20/5
    • Missouri 25/50/10
    • Montana 25/50/10
    • Nebraska 25/50/25
    • New Hampshire 25/50/25
    • New Jersey 15/30/5
    • New Mexico 25/50/10
    • Nevada 15/30/10
    • New York 25/50/10
    • North Carolina 30/60/25
    • North Dakota 25/50/25
    • Ohio 12/25/7
    • Oklahoma 10/20/10
    • Oregon 25/50/10
    • Pennsylvania 15/30/5
    • Rhode Island 25/50/25
    • South Carolina 15/30/10
    • South Dakota 25/50/25
    • Tennessee 25/50/10
    • Texas 20/40/15
    • Utah 25/50/15
    • Virginia 25/50/20
    • Vermont 25/50/10
    • Washington 25/50/10
    • Wisconsin 25/50/10
    • West Virginia 20/40/10
    • Wyoming 25/50/20

    Even though each state specifies a minimum for bodily injury liability, it’s wise to purchase higher limits. This is because if someone is injured and you’re at fault, there’s a good chance the minimum coverage will not cover the injured person’s medical expenses. If that happens, they could hire an attorney and come after your assets. Many insurance companies will tell you that you should purchase at least 100/250 or more of bodily liability insurance. We think it’s a wise decision as well, maybe even more. With the high cost of medical work, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus it will allow you more peace of mind, which is what insurance is all about. Speak with your auto insurance agent about the various options and numbers as it applies to your specific situation.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Tips to Protect Your Car

    To help prevent your car from being stolen, here are a few tips and suggestions:

    Have a “visible” device or alarm that alerts thieves when they look into your vehicle. Devices include steering column bars, brake locks, tire locks, ID markers on the car, window etchings in a visible place, audible alarms, steering wheel and/or brake locks, and wheel locks. Anything a thief sees may help deter them from stealing your car.

    Another deterrent is having an immobilizing device hooked up to your car. These devices can prevent thieves bypassing your ignition and hot-wiring your vehicle. Devices include kill switches, smart keys, starter or ignition disablers and gasoline or fuel disablers.

    If your car does get stolen, take note of the time of day you last saw your vehicle and where it was parked, what was in the car, etc. Then you’ll want to first notify the police, and next, your auto insurance agent. In most states, you have about 30 days to file a claim when it comes to a stolen automobile.

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