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Low Rate Car Insurance - Using an Agent versus Buying Direct

Most people don’t know this but when you purchase car insurance, you can purchase it through an insurance agent or you can purchase it directly from the insurance company. The majority of people purchase car insurance through agents who are the “experts” in their field. But, you do have an option.

If you know all about insurance - you know what kind you want and “need”, you know how to fill out the correct forms and you know how to file insurance claims should you be in an accident, then you might want to try going directly to the insurance company to purchase insurance.

We at, however, highly recommend that you use an agent. They offer you personalized service, they’re paid to know everything that’s needed to know about what’s best for your situation. If you were to get in an accident, the last thing you need at that time is to have to deal with the legal aspects of filing a claim and the paperwork. An extra-added bonus of using an agent is they can handle multiple policies for you if so desired.

With that said, there are a couple of middle-ground options. One, you can go direct but use an online broker such as Online interfaces have improved over the years and using a broker or companies website has made it easier and more functional and practical to sign up without the use of an agent.

You also have the option of using an “independent” agent or broker, one who will shop around for you. These brokers will shop many companies and some have special relationships with a handful of companies and might be able to get you a better deal. So, as always, weigh your options, ask lots of questions, and do your due diligence. The ball is in your court.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Comparing Car Insurance Companies

    When shopping for car insurance companies, do your due diligence because it can save you quite a bit of money. Most people, if they’re already insured, take the easy way out and stay with the same company year after year, especially when their insurance policies are grouped together. When you shop for other items, even expensive items, you always shop around, at least I hope you do, so why not do it for your car insurance?

    Many insurers now offer online insurance rate quotes. Companies such as Geico,,,,,, and many others offer online quotes for most situations. Many of these companies are brokers and will give you multiple quotes from multiple car insurance companies.

    While online services are solid, in our opinion, it’s only a starting place. Be careful what information you give out to these online companies because when you enter your contact information, be ready for a barrage of phone calls soliciting your business. We suggest first doing some price checking online and then speaking to a live agent, either over the phone or face-to-face. There are questions you will have that many online insurance sites won’t be able to answer via their website. It’s also wise to meet before you sign so you can get a feel for the agent who will be representing you.

    Word-of-mouth is still the form of advertising so take advantage of it. Ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, who their agent and company are, do they recommend them, and why.

    Each service will provide different options or add-on features to the base policy and each agency has it’s pros and cons. There are some companies that have tens of thousands of agents across the country for convenience. Companies such as Allstate now offer unique options such as accident forgiveness and deductible rewards. Make a list of what’s important to you and also list what questions you might have that you don’t know the answer. There’s no such thing as a dumb question so don’t be embarrassed about asking anything. Ask your friends and co-workers about unique options that they receive from their agents, what they like and don’t like.

    By doing the work now, you will not only have peace-of-mind that you made a wise decision, you will in all likelihood, save yourself a lot of money.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Car Insurance Requirements in the U.S.

    Each state in the United States has a different minimum requirement as to how much insurance a driver is required to carry. Below is a list of all states in alphabetical order and their minimum policy requirements. The first two numbers listed after the state refers to bodily injury liability limits and the third number, to the property damage liability. For instance, if the numbers were 15/30/10, it would mean that if you were in an accident, each person injured could receive up to $15,000 with a total amount allowed for all people injured of $30,000 (the second number). The third number, $10,000, refers to the total coverage per accident for “property” damage.

    • Alaska 50/100/25
    • Alabama 20/40/10
    • Arkansas 25/50/15
    • Arizona 15/30/10
    • California 15/30/5
    • Colorado 25/50/15
    • Connecticut 20/40/10
    • Delaware 15/30/5
    • Florida 10/20/10
    • Georgia 15/30/10
    • Hawaii 20/40/10
    • Idaho 20/50/15
    • Illinois 20/40/15
    • Indiana 25/50/10
    • Iowa 20/40/15
    • Kansas 25/50/10
    • Kentucky 25/50/10
    • Louisiana 10/20/10
    • Maine 50/100/25
    • Maryland 20/40/10
    • Massachusetts 20/40/5
    • Michigan 20/40/10
    • Minnesota 30/60/10
    • Mississippi 10/20/5
    • Missouri 25/50/10
    • Montana 25/50/10
    • Nebraska 25/50/25
    • New Hampshire 25/50/25
    • New Jersey 15/30/5
    • New Mexico 25/50/10
    • Nevada 15/30/10
    • New York 25/50/10
    • North Carolina 30/60/25
    • North Dakota 25/50/25
    • Ohio 12/25/7
    • Oklahoma 10/20/10
    • Oregon 25/50/10
    • Pennsylvania 15/30/5
    • Rhode Island 25/50/25
    • South Carolina 15/30/10
    • South Dakota 25/50/25
    • Tennessee 25/50/10
    • Texas 20/40/15
    • Utah 25/50/15
    • Virginia 25/50/20
    • Vermont 25/50/10
    • Washington 25/50/10
    • Wisconsin 25/50/10
    • West Virginia 20/40/10
    • Wyoming 25/50/20

    Even though each state specifies a minimum for bodily injury liability, it’s wise to purchase higher limits. This is because if someone is injured and you’re at fault, there’s a good chance the minimum coverage will not cover the injured person’s medical expenses. If that happens, they could hire an attorney and come after your assets. Many insurance companies will tell you that you should purchase at least 100/250 or more of bodily liability insurance. We think it’s a wise decision as well, maybe even more. With the high cost of medical work, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus it will allow you more peace of mind, which is what insurance is all about. Speak with your auto insurance agent about the various options and numbers as it applies to your specific situation.

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    Low Rate Car Insurance - Cars That Are More Affordable to Insure

    Last week, we listed some cars that offered low rate car insurance based on model. We did some more extensive research and found these cars also offered a solid value insurance-wise:

    • ACURA
      • 3.2 TL
      • 3.5 RL
      • MD-X
    • BUICK
      • Century
      • Le Sabre
      • Regal
      • Eldorado
      • Astro
      • Avalanche
      • Cavalier
      • Express Van
      • Impala
      • Malibu LS
      • Suburban
      • Tahoe
      • Tracker
      • Prowler
      • Town and Country
    • DODGE
      • Caravan Sport
      • Durango
      • Grand Caravan EX & Sport
      • Intrepid
    • FORD
      • Escape
      • Escort
      • Excursion
      • Expedition
      • F-Series Pickup
      • Ranger
      • Taurus
      • Windstar
    • GMC
      • Envoy
      • PU Sierra
      • PU Sonoma
      • Safari
      • Savana
    • HONDA
      • Accord
      • CRV
      • Odyssey
      • Passport LX
      • Pilot
      • Santa Fe
      • Sonata
    • ISUZU
      • Rodeo
    • MAZDA
      • 626
      • Miata
      • MPV
      • PU B-Series
      • Tribute
      • S430
      • CLK 320/430
      • ML
      • SLK 230
      • Grand Marquis
      • Mountaineer
      • Sable
      • Montero Sport
    • NISSAN
      • Altima
      • PU Frontier Series
      • Maxima GLE
      • Pathfinder
      • Quest
      • Xterra
      • Aurora
      • Bravada
      • Intrigue
      • Silhouette
      • Aztek
      • Firebird
      • Grand Prix GT/GTP
      • Montana
      • Sunfire
    • SAAB
      • 9 - 3 Series
    • SATURN
      • L/LW Series
      • SC/SL Series
    • SUBARU
      • Legacy
      • Legacy Outback
    • TOYOTA
      • 4-Runner
      • Avalon XLS
      • Camry
      • Highlander
      • RAV4
      • Sequoia
      • Sienna
      • Tundra
      • Cabrio
      • Golf
      • GTI
      • Jetta
      • New Beetle
      • Passat
    • VOLVO
      • C70
      • S40
      • S70/S80
      • V70
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