Tips for Reducing your Rates (Part Two)

This is post two of two in a series explaining how just three simple tips can help lower your rates.

Decrease the Number of Miles you Drive
Many insurance companies offer great discounts for people who do not drive as many miles as others. Some companies offer programs that allow you to report your mileage every couple of months and then offer discounts if your mileage has decreased. Taking public transportation to work or carpooling can save mileage on your car. Working from home and keeping your car parked in a garage most of the day will also do you wonders. Doing all your errands at once can also save you mileage. Just taking simple measures to decrease the number of miles that you are driving each month can result in a nice discount on your rates.

Compare Plans
There are literally hundreds of plans that are available to you, and many insurance companies that offer them. You can find low rates if you are willing to take the time to compare insurance companies and the plans that they offer. At times, you may find a plan that you like and when you compare, you may find a different company that offers the same plan for a better deal. It may take a little work and a little time, but comparing different companies and plans can help you save hundreds of dollars each year.

There is no need to be stuck paying grates that are breaking your budget when you can lower your rates with a little work. Just improving your traffic record, lowering your mileage, and taking the time to do comparison rate shopping can help you get low rate insurance that will literally save you hundreds of dollars each year. Take advantage of these easy tips and get  rates that are affordable.

Tips for Reducing Your Rates

This is post one of two in a series explaining how just three simple tips can help lower your rates.

Adequate car insurance is very important. However, it is not always cheap to keep your vehicle adequately insured. Finding rates at a great price can be a difficult thing to do, but there are a variety of ways that you can help decrease your rates. If you want to lower the premiums that you’re paying, there are a few simple things you can do to get a better deal, including driving safely, decreasing the miles you drive, and comparing insurance plans.

Drive Safely
One of the most effective ways to get low rates is to start driving safer, which includes slowing down a little bit and stopping completely at stop signs. Many people do not realize that their past driving record is taken into consideration when they are given car insurance quotes, so having a clean driving record can actually save you a great deal of money. Avoiding traffic tickets like speeding tickets and tickets for driving recklessly or under the influence can save you a great deal of money and get you better rates.

If you already have a driving record that is on the bad side, you need to start working to make it better. Take driving school, which will show on your record and show that you are working to become a better and safer driver. You should also make sure that you do not get any more tickets as well, since many insurance companies will forgive one ticket but will start raising rates if you get more.

Your Car Plays a Role (Part Two)

This is post two of two in a series about how specific car features can affect how much you pay for auto insurance.

Cheaper Cars
Yes, you probably want to get that great looking sports car or that luxury sedan, because you know how good you’ll look behind the wheel. But what won’t look great is how much you’ll be shelling out for car insurance. The more expensive your car is, the more you can expect to pay on your car insurance. It’s clearly logical but too often, people don’t think about how much it’s going to hit them in the pocket book when they buy an expensive automobile. It’s like buying a house without considering how much you’ll be paying for property taxes. Not only will a cheaper car be less expensive for you to purchase, but you will also be able to save hundreds each year.

Safety Features

The safety features that are included in your car are also very important when it comes to your rates. If your car is older and has few safety features, it may cost you on your insurance premium. Having front passenger and driver airbags can result in you getting a great discount on yourrates as well as having an ABS braking system. Side airbags in your car can give you even more discounts and help you to get better rates. Alarm systems or theft deterrent systems can will help lower your rates. Insurance companies realize that the safety features in your car can help keep you safe even if you are in a car accident, and they will probably have to pay less money on a claim if you happen to be in an accident, so accodingly, they offer better rates.

Remember, what type of car you drive plays an important part in the amount you pay. If you are looking to keep your rates low, then consider purchasing a car that will get you the very best rates possible.

Your Car Plays a Role

This is post one of two in a series about how specific car features can affect how much you pay for auto insurance.

Almost everyone is looking for ways that they can save money, and one place where many would enjoy cutting costs is on their  rates. Car insurance can get pretty pricey, and believe it or not, specific car features actually play a very important role in determining the rates you get. If your rates are extremely high, then you may want to consider selling the car you have and investing in a different, more insurance-friendly vehicle. Here are some features that will affect how much you pay…

Cars with Smaller Engines
If you want to get a low rate, then you may want a car with a smaller engine. Some insurance companies offer lower insurance rates for those who have a car with smaller, 4-cylinder engines. If you have a sports car with a large engine or a four wheel drive vehicle, chances are you will be paying quite a bit more for insurance. Just choosing a car that has a little less pop can not only save you money at the gas tank, it can end up saving you in insurance as well.

Forget Red
Many people, especially women, are drawn to red cars. But if you own a red car, you might see the effects on your insurance rates. While many people are oblivious to it, the color of your car can actually play an important role in your rates, and a red car is one of the worst colors to have. Studies have shown that red cars are in more accidents that other colors and also “attract” more tickets. Choosing a car that is black, gray, green, or blue, more conservative colors, can help to keep your rates low.

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